(Mostly) PNW Adventures

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July 2019: Olympic National Park // Lake Crescent, Mt Storm King, Shi Shi Beach

WA moss is otherworldly View from Mt Storm King Descending Mt Storm King with ropes, yikes Camping at Lake Crescent Shi Shi Beach walk Starfish Heron (I think) Ana or Luke Skywalker? Ana or Robinson Crusoe? Shi Shi Beach Trailhead Tides chart, very cute Tacoma Narrows Bridge, textbooks coming to life

September 2019: Seattle-Vancouver Bike Ride

Chuckanut Drive Somewhere close to Vancouver Lucy in Vancouver Canadian border, a bit surreal to cross it on a bike Me in Vancouver doing something dumb Cute old-school gas station on the way

September 2019: San Francisco

Chinatown San Francisco Me under the Dragon Gate SF Cowboy We biked over the Golden Gate Bridge Stopped for this view from the Golden Gate Bridge Made it to the Golden Gate Observation Deck

September 2019: NW Mt Rainier Area // Mowich Lake, Knapsack Pass, Spray Park

Close to Mowich Lake Looking at Mowich Lake from Knapsack Pass Descending Knapsack Pass Me in Knapsack Basin Rainier! Spray Park Snowfields Might be a glacier BEAR!!!

September 2019: Lake Ingalls Snowcamping

Winter advisory didn't stop us First snowcamping BRRRRR

November 2019: Hong Kong

Driver Calculator, but cute Hong Kong Buildings Copy paste Monastery Buddha legs From monastery Local mountains Monastery Tian Tan Buddha Ngong Ping 360 Ngong Ping 360 Dorks View

November 2019: Taiwan Bike Ride