I am leading a research group ANANAS within UtahNLP. Please check out my contact / FAQ page before reaching out about joining us. On this webpage, you can also find my other mentees before I joined Utah and resources I often share while mentoring.

Utah MS/BS students interested in research opportunities, please ensure to review the contact/FAQ section before visiting my office without an appointment.

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PhD Reasearchers

Undergraduate Researchers

  • Byron Liu

MS Researchers

Current and Past Student Collaborators


Before joining Utah

I had a pleasure to work with great undergraduate and PhD students during my time in AI2/UW. If you’re considering me as a potential advisor, I encourage you to reach out to them to hear about their experience working with me.

AI2 Predoctoral Researchers

UW Underaguate Researchers

  • Kaiser Sun (→ META/FAIR Residency → JHU PhD)
  • Millicent Li (→ META/FAIR Residency → Northeastern PhD)

AI2 PhD Interns


Finding a good research problem to work on [Click to expand!]

Every PhD is different by Maxwell Forbes

Research Taste Exercises by Christopher Olah

How to do influential research: a few lessons learned by Xiaodong He

How To Choose a Good Scientific Problem by Uri Alon

Coming up with research ideas by Marco Tulio Ribeiro

Doing the work [Click to expand!]

Organizing and evaluating research ideas by Marco Tulio Ribeiro

Foundations: How to design experiments in NLU by Sam Bowman

Principles for Productive Group Meetings. You might wonder: what does this have to do with doing the work? I am sharing this blog because I strongly believe in the mindset presented there: “Hold yourself to a high standard of unserstanding” / “Adopt a frame of collaborative truth-seeking”. This mindset will affect how you do the work.

Working with your advisor [Click to expand!]

Should You Take My Advice? by Jimmy Lin

How to share progress with your mentors/collaborators? by Jia-Bin Huang

How to do research with my mentors effectively? by Jia-Bin Huang

How to work with your advisor(s)? by Jia-Bin Huan

Work-life balance [Click to expand!]

Stress in Research. Part I: The Tournament and the Axe by Charles Sutton

Stress in Research. Part II: Research Worth and Self-Worth by Charles Sutton

Stress in Research. Part III: The Trouble about Freedom by Charles Sutton

Stress in Research. Part IV: A Tsunami of Logistics by Charles Sutton

Stress in Research. Part V: If you really are an Impostor, then it’s not a Syndrome by Charles Sutton

Collections [Click to expand!]

Good Citizen of CVPR has so many good talks covering a wide range of topics.

Awesome Tips is an extensive list of advices by Jia-Bin Huang.

“A repository of links with advice related to grad school applications, research, phd etc” by Shaily Bhatt.

Getting a Computer Science PhD in the USA by Shriram Krishnamurthi.

Statements of Purposes [Click to expand!]