ArXiv Preprints

  • Jesse Dodge, Maarten Sap, Ana Marasović, William Agnew, Gabriel Ilharco, Dirk Groeneveld, Matt Gardner
    Documenting the English Colossal Clean Crawled Corpus
    Paper Demo Repo

  • Sarah Wiegreffe and Ana Marasović (equal contributions)
    Teach Me to Explain: A Review of Datasets for Explainable NLP
    Paper Website

  • Sarah Wiegreffe, Ana Marasović, Noah A. Smith
    Measuring Association Between Labels and Free-Text Rationales

Peer-Reviewed Publications


  • Kaiser Sun and Ana Marasović
    Effective Attention Sheds Light On Interpretability
    Findings of ACL
    Paper Code

  • Alexis Ross, Ana Marasović, Matthew E. Peters
    Explaining NLP Models via Minimal Contrastive Editing (MiCE)
    Findings of ACL

  • Alexander M. Hoyle, Ana Marasović, Noah A. Smith
    Promoting Graph Awareness in Linearized Graph-to-Text Generation
    Findings of ACL

  • Alon Jacovi, Ana Marasović, Tim Miller, Yoav Goldberg
    Formalizing Trust in Artificial Intelligence: Prerequisites, Causes and Goals of Human Trust in AI
    ACM FAccT


  • Ana Marasović, Chandra Bhagavatula, Jae Sung Park, Ronan Le Bras, Noah A. Smith, Yejin Choi
    Natural Language Rationales with Full-Stack Visual Reasoning: From Pixels to Semantic Frames to Commonsense Graphs
    Findings of EMNLP
    Paper Code

  • Qiang Ning, Hao Wu, Pradeep Dasigi, Dheeru Dua, Matt Gardner, Robert L. Logan IV, Ana Marasović, Zhen Nie
    Easy, Reproducible and Quality-Controlled Data Collection with CrowdAQ
    EMNLP Demo
    Paper Demo

  • Suchin Gururangan, Ana Marasović, Swabha Swayamdipta, Kyle Lo, Iz Beltagy, Doug Downey, Noah A. Smith
    Don’t Stop Pretraining: Adapt Language Models to Domains and Tasks
    ACL (honorable mention for best paper)
    Paper Code


  • Pradeep Dasigi, Nelson F. Liu, Ana Marasović, Noah A. Smith, Matt Gardner
    Quoref: A Reading Comprehension Dataset with Questions Requiring Coreferential Reasoning
    Paper Dataset

  • Ana Marasović
    Deep Learning With Sentiment Inference For Discourse-Oriented Opinion Analysis
    PhD Thesis


  • Ana Marasović and Anette Frank
    SRL4ORL: Improving Opinion Role Labelling using Multi-task Learning with Semantic Role Labeling
    Paper Code

  • Markus Zopf, Teresa Botschen, Tobias Falke, Benjamin Heinzerling, Ana Marasović, Todor Mihaylov, Avinesh PVS, Eneldo Mencia Loza, Johannes Fuernkranz, Anette Frank
    What’s Important in a Text? An Extensive Evaluation of Linguistic Annotations for Summarization


  • Ana Marasović, Leo Born, Juri Opitz, Anette Frank
    A Mention-Ranking Model for Abstract Anaphora Resolution
    Paper Code


  • Ana Marasović and Anette Frank
    Multilingual Modal Sense Classification using a Convolutional Neural Network
    Repl4NLP Workshop
    Paper Code

  • Ana Marasović, Mengfei Zhou, Alexis Palmer, Anette Frank
    Linguistic Issues in Language Technology, Volume 14—Modality: Logic, Semantics, Annotation, and Machine Learning
    Modal Sense Classification at Large: Paraphrase-Driven Sense Projection, Semantically Enriched Classification Models and Cross-Genre Evaluations